Friday, January 25, 2013

Pork Marsala

Well, the Cuban sandwiches from the other night were truly a hit with the kids.  Thing One actually wanted to know why we had never had them before.  I guess that is staying on our rotation as a meal plan.   So now after we have pork tenderloin I will be saving some of the leftovers (if there are any) for Cuban sandwiches.

I think we are truly blessed in this household.  Besides all of the everyday things that we are blessed with, happiness, good fortune, love and good health.  The Sarge is a wonderful cook.  He has a knack for fixing meals that are just amazing.  What is even more amazing is that he didn't really start cooking until he was out of college.  I am not sure if he was ever in the kitchen growing up, other than to fix some fried zucchini when his mom was gone.

So since college he has developed some great skills.  Some recipes like the pork marsala he starts with a recipe and tweeks from there, and others like is Pork Tarragon he just starts with a cut of meat and a flavor in his head.

We we first were married, I think he did not think I knew how to cook.  Silly me for breaking that misconception!  My cooking tends to be more utilitarian. This is apparent with the meals that we had since the Cuban sandwiches - beef stroganoff and baked chicken.  I try and get something on the table to fill the bellies and send them on their way, but with Sarge, it tends to be more of a culinary experience.  

I have realized that over the course of the past almost 20 years of marriage that as much as I love the Sarge's cooking, that I cannot eat as much of it as I would like.  I have been doing better with that, but it is always a challenge to change old habits. :)

So tonight I will do the running of Things Two and Three, and Sarge will fix a yummy dinner for us.  Tomorrow will probably be back to utilitarian, but that is okay too.

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