Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Okay, everyone who knows me knows that my days can be a little hectic at times.  I am trying to be frugal with our budget and not make huge meals but have enough left over so that if Sarge wants to take a meal for lunch, or Ms. Daisy and I are home, we have something yummy to eat.  

Not my actual fridge, but close!!
We last night, as I was putting away our leftover pasta, I realized that I was just about out of our snappy storage bowls.  I looked in the fridge, and decided that either we need to get a bigger fridge or we are going to have to eat up all the leftovers.  And the sooner the better, before they start crawling out!!!

Today, I looked at my schedule and my meal plan and decided that it will be today for the leftovers.  Genealogy in Seguin until 3, pick up Thing One at 4 for a Eagle project meeting, drop him off by 4:30 (that's gonna be a trick to see if I can get out of the HS parking lot by 4:30), oh and pick up Thing Two from her after school activity.  Get everyone home and be out the door by 6:10 at the latest for a GS meeting.  Oh and since the Jeep is at the fix it shop, Sarge cannot really help, and Thing One has to rely on me to fetch him.

Not mine either!
Don't get me wrong, with the food we eat, I don't mind leftovers.  Of course, the really good stuff is usually gone quickly, but there will still be quite a buffet, and having leftovers now will allow me to clean out the fridge in anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday!!!

While my fridge may never actually look like this, I am hoping that we can get it looking cleaner and free up some space for our yummy treats!  Now if I can just keep our cat from trying to run behind the bottom opening freezer every time we open it, we will be set.  Last thing I need is a kittycicle!

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