Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today is my husband's anniversary!  He has been in the military for 22 years.  He has been stationed at (in order) Ansbach, Germany, Fort Hamilton, NY, The Presidio of San Francisco, CA, Fort Drum, NY, Bad Kreuznach, Germany, Mainz, Germany, Fort Knox KY, Fort Sam Houston, TX, and Seoul Korea. He was fortunate enough to see many countries in Europe, and also was part of Desert Storm as well as Operation Iraqi Freedom.  

I have been with him for most of the ride.  It has had its ups and downs, but for the most part we have enjoyed our time in the military. Many people do not understand military life.  It is different.  You have your blood family, but you also develop your own military family with bonds just as strong.  Many of the friends that we have made along the way continue to this day to be our support staff during his current separation.  I am thankful that I have these people in my life and  I look forward to Scott's return to Ft. Sam!  

Monday, February 14, 2011


A week and a half ago, it was snowing.  Today starts soccer practices, and amazingly enough, it is 82 with a light breeze.  My girls do not have practice tonight since it is Valentine's day, so I had planned to grill some steaks and have a nice meal.  Aidan's team is practicing.  So I am sitting in the car, doing work, which is paying for my wireless card that I recently purchased, listening to the sounds that could probably lull a soccer parent to sleep.  Whistles, claps and shouts from the coaches revving the kids up trying to push them harder.  

It's hard to imaging that in two weeks they will be playing their first game of the season.  The season is scheduled to be over with by April 16th.  It seems so far away from now, but yet, it will happen soon enough.  One good thing that has occurred this year is that all three kids have soccer practice on Mondays and Wednesdays starting within 15 minutes of each other and about a 5-10 minute drive apart!  Yea!!! 

I am glad to see Aidan playing again.  He took the fall off after realizing that he cannot do everything.  I am glad he made the decision even though it cost a little money, I don't think there was any way he could have kept up with band, soccer, all advanced classes, and boy scouts.  

Mackenzie is back playing again this season.  I think she truly enjoys playing and it is good for her to be part of a team.  She has been with the same team since we moved to Texas, and feels pretty comfortable with them.  

Brigid has gone back and forth between wanting to play and not.  I was surprised this winter when she was the first one to tell me that she wanted to play.  I think it was because her "boyfriend" at the time also played soccer, and was also a goalie.  She is a pretty good little goalie.  We just need to work on her kicks, but she is not afraid of diving for the ball.  

None of my children will be superstars playing soccer, and you know what?  I am fine with that.  I am glad that they have an athletic activity that they enjoy doing.  It is good exercise and promotes teamwork.  

Let the season begin!!! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Grades are a very sore topic here in the Krbec household.  Some days its good, some days its bad.  For some reason, there has become an issue that doing homework is optional.  And then, even if it is done, not always turned in.  Why someone would do the work and not turn it in is beyond me.  I also have issues with being lied to about whether there is homework to be done or not.  As if I would not find out about it!  Or saying it is done, but not knowing why there is no credit given for it.  

Aidan is finding out this year that he can no longer slide by, and dig himself back out of a hole near the end of the quarter.  He saw that last quarter with Geometry, and is now running the risk of not being able to go to NY because of being ineligible when progress reports come out.  He is going to lose a lot if he is ineligible for the trip, since it cost us $1500+ to go on, all of which will be non-refundable!!!

Mackenzie is rushing through some of her work and then getting poor grades.  We have even redone some of her homework (she did, I supervised), but I think she is not turning it in.  She is now running the risk of being ineligible for band and choir.  I really thought that one of her teachers would mark her as ineligible to be in band because of her grade, but the teacher said that it was not fair to her because there was only one grade on the book.  While I agree that there should be more grades in to decide on, I am not sure how I feel about giving her a break.  How is she going to learn.  

Even Brigid, who has been a straight A student all year, is down to a C in one subject after a 43 on an assignment.  A 43, are you kidding me??? Cannot wait to see what she did to get that!!!  That tells me that she did not even do the work.  

It totally surprises me that these good kids would subject themselves to not getting the best grades possible.  Aidan is starting to get the concept that every grade counts, but is still willing to skip redoing an assignment that is missing and get the zero than to redo the assignment and get at least partial credit for it.  I did learn this year that at the High School, it is possible to redo 2 tests per quarter (I think) for a better grade.  

I really hope that this gets better soon.  What the kids do not realize yet, is that with the change in my work schedule, I will have more time to hound them and make sure they are doing what needs to be done.  Maybe this is just a ploy on their part for me not to work...It's working, and they will wish I had someplace else to direct my attention!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random cold thoughts

Started today with a trip to BAMC.  Aidan needed to be seen by a doctor, and when I called to schedule an appointment, was told that for "that" we needed to go to the ER.  I was surprised, and kind of frustrated, but off we went because I didn't want to risk his health.  I figure if he is coming to me asking for an appointment, then we should go.  Surprising, we did not have too bad of traffic on the way in to BAMC (during rush hour none the less), we were seen complete with ultrasound and released by around 11-ish.  Prescription: rest, ice and elevation.  That was an interesting discussion!!!

Unfortunately, my side trip prevented me from being able to help with the cookie drop.  Thank goodness that we have a great group of Leaders!  By the time I got to the TCM (troop cookie mom) she had all the cases lined up for booths, and the girls orders separated.  So I grabbed the girls orders, and headed home.

The weather has been crazy throughout the country, and hear is no different.  We did not get the major snowstorms that the mid-west did, but we are facing frigid temperatures.  We are looking at getting some snow overnight.  I am not sure if we actually will get anything, but they keep saying, and the kids keep hoping... The school district is supposed to make a decision by 5 am as to whether there will be school in the morning, or if there will be a delay.  It will depend on what the roads look like.  Aidan is out of school until Monday either way, with no sports for another week after that.

So the high today was about 27 degrees, and my funny of the day is the fact that soccer practices start in a week and a half, with the first game the weekend of the 26th.  UGH!!!